The Bridgets of Erin, Inc.
Created with Pride for a Heritage We Love

The beauty of America is most clear in the richness of its diversity, in the peoples of so many cultures that call this great country home while continuing to celebrate their differences. At the Bridgets of Erin, we celebrate Ireland and hope to bring a little bit of our Irish heritage into the home and garden with our products.

The Bridgets of Erin, Inc., founded by the daughter of Irish immigrants, is a wholesale company that sells Irish gifts and garden products to retailers throughout the United States. We pride ourselves on unique, high quality gift items and strong customer service. In fact, our company has been the recipient of the Gift Supplier of the Year Award each year beginning in 2007 in Dublin, Ireland by the North American Celtic Buyers Association and Enterprise Ireland in recognition of excellent product development and customer service to the North American market.

At the Bridgets of Erin, we not only celebrate what is distinctly Irish through our products, but we also hope to celebrate Irish hospitality and the spirit of generosity that characterizes the Irish people.

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